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How To Take Your Own Impression
Step by Step Instructions

Your impression kit should include the following:

    1. Putty packs including 2 different color impression putty
    2. Three different sized impressions trays
    3. Block Out Wax (Rope Wax) - for braces only!
    4. A contact form
    5. Two labeled plastic bags
    6. A prepaid UPS label
Read through ALL the instructions thoroughly TWICE before taking your own impression! This is the most important step in the mouthguard making process. The quality of your impression determines how well your mouthguard will fit.

  1. Try all three impression trays to see which size fits best. The largest tray that you can fit in your mouth is the tray you should use. 

  2. This step is for braces only!
    Take the block out wax (rope wax) and place it over your braces. Be sure to cover all parts of your braces!

  3. Place both putty packs in the refrigerator for 10 minutes. 

    **For steps 4-7, you need to do these steps quickly so the putty does not begin to set on you too early. 

  4. Take putty out of the refrigerator and remove the putty from the putty packs. 

  5. You only have 20 seconds to do this. Using your hands, blend both the blue and yellow putty together until they form a solid color.

    For steps 6 & 7, you only have 30 seconds.

  6. Roll the putty with your hands to shape it like a snake.

  7. Place the snake shaped putty into the impression tray making sure all parts of the tray are covered, especially the front of the tray. (Do not flatten the rolled putty!)

    **For steps 7 & 8, the process of putting the tray in your mouth and pushing up to your teeth are two completely separate steps. DO NOT push in and up at the same time. 

  8. Hold out your upper lip and insert the tray into the center of your mouth with the putty facing up.

  9. Push the tray up firmly against your teeth using your thumbs and hold it in place. DO NOT bite down with your bottom teeth! Make sure there is enough putty between the inside of your upper lip and your gums. The more slowly you push the tray up onto your teeth, the more accurate your impression will be. 

  10. Once the tray is in your mouth, apply light pressure with both of your thumbs trying to be very still for the next 3 minutes.

  11. Take the impression out of your mouth and place it into the plastic bag we provided labeledImpression. In the place provided on the label, please write your name.

  12. Fill out the contact form. Fold it and place it into the second plastic bag we provided labeledContact Form.

  13. Place both plastic bags and unused impression trays in the box that the kit came in.

  14. Place the return shipping label provided on top of the label currently on the box making sure to cover the label completely. 

If you have any questions, email us at or toll free 1-877-447-7220