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Q: Which mouthguard is right for me?
A: Use this as a guide only! Level of protection is a personal choice. We are only here to guide you and provide you with information that can help you make your choice. 
  • Youth Guard – A single layer mouthguard for kids 8 years old and younger.
  • Light Contact Sports Guard - A two layer mouthguard that provides more protection than a Youth Mouthguard to withstand slightly more force.
  • Contact Sports Guard - A three layer mouthguard that provides great protection for strong force
  • Extreme Contact Sports Guard - A four layer mouthguard that provides extreme protection and is highly recommended for sports such as UFC & MMA.

Q: Will I be able to chew through a Grill Armor mouthguard?
A: No, the material Grill Armor uses is space age and like no other. Also, because of the PolyShok material and custom fit design, you will not be able to chew through our mouthguards.

Q: Can a Grill Armor mouthguard be worn with braces?
A: Yes

Q: Is it cheaper to get a custom mouthguard from my dentist or orthodontist rather than from Grill Armor? 
A: No, because your dentist uses a dental lab to make mouthguards, the cost is much more expensive. However, by buying your mouthguard directly from Grill Armor (a dental lab) you are saving a substantial amount of money. 

Q: Will I get a better mouthguard from my dentist or Grill Armor?
A: Grill Armor, because we use the latest technology and equipment. On the other hand, the dentist and most other labs are using older technology and equipment.  

Q: How long do Grill Armor mouthguards last?
A: Your mouthguard will last for as long as the athlete is comfortable wearing it. If dental changes occur, i.e.; crown, bridge, tooth lose, etc, then you may need a new mouthguard. 

Q: What is the turn around time?
A: Usually 2 weeks, however, the level of creativity or other factors may cause a delay.