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Grill Armor Custom Mouthguards

Benefits of Wearing a Grill Armor Custom Fit Mouthguard

The sports dentist and health professionals from quote, "We highly recommend the custom made mouthguard, especially those of the laboratory lamination type of the very best in oral/facial protection as well as concussion deterrence." 
(Sports Dentistry)

  • Concussion deterrence!
  • The custom fit allows the athlete to breathe, speak and drink with ease.
  • PolyShok Technology provides ultimate protection and superior comfort.

Grill Armor Uses PolyShok Technology

  • Total energy absorption
  • As high impact polymer, PolyShok provides more shock absorption than any other comparable material in use today.
  • 85% more energy absorbency than our leading competitor.
  • Over 150% more energy absorbency than ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA).

PolyShok Technology

Our statements about PolyShok Technology are supported by the Ohio State University study. For the complete study, click here.